The Real Amanda – Inspiration for Our Favorite Character

I wrote the book for Amanda when she was ten years old (coincidentally the same age as Amanda Grand when the first book opens). My own Amanda often spoke without thinking, liked a good argument, was fiercely loyal to her friends, and struggled with a bully at school – so ..Continue Reading

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The UnFairy Tale is now available in e-reader format for Kindle! Coming soon: Nook, Sony, and other e-readers. Check this site for the availability of the complete sequel The UnFairy Tale: Audrey’s Turn by December, 2014.

Writer’s Digest Judge’s Commentary

Writer’s Digest Judge’s Commentary

Last year, I submitted The UnFairy Tale to a Writer’s Digest contest. I’m proud to announce that The UnFairy Tale was rated 5 out of 5 in Character Development and Plot (and other categories, but those are my favorites).  The judge had this to say: “Humor is the strength of ..Continue Reading

Chapter One – Excerpt 2

“Sixth grade,” Amanda said with a sigh fully intended to convey a perfect blend of satisfaction and wistfulness. “Middle school. We’re not kids anymore, kids.” “I for one am glad to leave childhood behind,” Audrey said somberly. “You two are sure full of yourselves,” Linda said, throwing a pillow at ..Continue Reading

Chapter One – Excerpt 1

“I don’t believe spiders really do catch flies,” Mrs. Grand said with a grimace. “Why do you say that, my dear?” Mr. Grand said, guardedly. Mrs. Grand’s explanations were, on occasion, something to be feared, and always, arrived at and pronounced without the least regard for anything that could be ..Continue Reading